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An aesthetic and flexible trade fair solution

An aesthetic and flexible trade fair solution

Ahead of the REHAB trade fair in Karlsruhe, German company Meyra Group was looking for a new exhibition stand provider that could handle all the details and create a unique exhibition stand. They wanted an exhibition stand with a strong visual expression and an attractive design that would offer visitors a positive experience.

The perfect match

Meyra Group sells custom power chairs for active, everyday use. Having an exhibition stand that illustrates exactly where their expertise lies was important to them. They also wanted the exhibition stand to have an inviting look, and they wanted a modular format that they could use at various kinds of trade fairs.

Meyra Group was after a solution focused on the Scandinavian concept of 'hygge', with an aesthetically pleasing layout and design. They needed to find an exhibition stand provider with an eye for details that could create an exhibition stand with multiple viable layout options. They solicited bids on the project and received proposals from numerous exhibition stand providers, including some based in Germany and Spain. They quickly fell in love with Scanex's proposal, and soon after, we got started creating their exhibition stand for the REHAB trade fair in Karlsruhe.

What does Meyra Group have to say?

We delivered an exhibition stand focused on creating a welcoming environment for visitors, with room for branding, product exhibition stands, and conversations in a comfortable, natural space. We also made sure that Meyra Group would be able to scale the exhibition stand to fit their needs by making dynamic elements a key feature of the exhibition stand's design.

"The project went fantastically, and everything went just as it was supposed to, including during set-up for the show. When we saw the exhibition stand for the first time, almost everything was ready to go. The process was great, with no hurdles along the way—many thanks to Scanex for that,"
says Kristin Marxbauer.

The priority for them was finding an exhibition stand provider they could count on, enabling them to confidently leave the design and construction to the experts. Total solution. Modular characteristics. Aesthetic design. These were some of the elements that Meyra Group was most intent on finding in their new exhibition stand provider. We made sure to meet their needs and did what we at Scanex do best: creating strong exhibition stand concepts from start to finish.

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Every square metre counts

Meyra Group participates in many large and small trade fairs. The modular construction enables Meyra Group to tailor their exhibition stand to the space they have at each trade fair. That means that the size and shape of the area don't have a major impact on the equipment Scanex designed for Meyra Group.

Corners, columns, and unexpected nooks can easily be incorporated into the final look of the exhibition stand, thanks to all of the flexible exhibition stand layout options. With Scanex's solution, Meyra Group will always be able to adapt the modules to the spaces they reserve at future shows.




Everything on their wish list

Whether our customers want Scandinavian hygge, an exceptional product focus, sand from the Sahara, or something else entirely, Scanex has the expertise to make it happen. Every day, our talented designers and architects sit down and develop creative solutions that make dream after dream come true for our customers.

No two projects are alike. Our designers know that all too well. Every customer has their own specific needs related to their company's brand and values. That's why we always focus on interpreting brand identities and distilling them down into visually impactful trade fair concepts that are aligned with our customers' brands and visions.


We did it for Meyra Group, and we can do it for you, too! Don't hesitate to contact Peter Sunesen, Head of Sales, to schedule a consultation.