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Exceptional designs built just for you

Exceptional designs built just for you

For more than 40 years, we've been conceptualising, designing, and building exhibition stands for countless companies. At Scanex, everything starts with your values, so your exhibition stand supports your brand's identity. We're experts in creating exhibition stands with expressions and designs that offer visitors unforgettable experiences.

Take a peek into our creative workspace!

The creative workspace is the side of our company where the thoughts fly a little faster, the ideas are a little more imaginative, and the limits of what is possible are always moving.

The creative workspace is where you can find our design team. This department is home to skilled designers and architects that sit down every day to conceptualise intricate, creative ideas and pair them with aesthetic expressions to take your exhibition stand to the next level. The designers on our team always keep up with the latest trends in the industry to ensure your exhibition stand has a contemporary look. On top of their innovative mindset, our designers are veterans of the trade fair industry, so you're in good hands.



We can do it all—and then some

Today, we have a whole universe of opportunities to think outside the box. With so many opportunities and access to the right technological tools, exciting solutions are well within reach. Whether you're looking for interactive solutions that will engage your customers with technology or a captivating design that takes your product focus to the next level, our talented design team can make it a reality.

Luise Skriver, one of the architects on our design team, finds the creative process at the core of her work especially exciting.

"We work with many different kinds of businesses, and while they all need exhibition stands, no two projects are alike. That variety in my day-to-day work is one of the things that makes me excited to come in every day. All of us are designers at heart, but we have different skill sets, so we're always challenging each other. Getting input from our customers is an important part of the process of pursuing a strong concept that's aligned with the journey each customer is on", says Luise.

An effective and circular design process

The dialogue between you and our design team—and a healthy dose of chemistry—provides a solid foundation for an optimal design process.


After that, realising the vision you have for your exhibition stand is key for us. We're best equipped to do that when we can communicate clearly with each other and use your brief as a guide for our design process. That said, there's always room for changes and sudden new ideas. Design is rarely a linear process. In view of this, our design team understands that your original vision may change during the process, and they're always available to offer input and refine ideas with you if you'd like to make changes to the original brief.


From vision to exhibition stand

In the blink of an eye! Or… maybe not quite. But no matter what kind of creative input you have, our design team is ready to make it a reality, so you can have the exhibition stand of your dreams.


Our designers are completely up to date, and they know all about what works when it comes to design, interiors, colour dynamics, and gimmicks. All you need to do is focus on communicating your brand's identity and the vision you have for your exhibition stand—we'll create an exceptional exhibition stand that's spot-on for your brand vision.


Bring your vision to life and let us design your next exhibition stand! Don't hesitate to contact Kaare Egelund Schmidt, owner and CEO, to schedule a consultation.