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At the beginning of every project, we work with you to determine your specific needs for that particular trade fair exhibition stand. Scanex offers strategic consulting, project management, and an assessment of your brand's exhibition potential, all of which helps us assess your specific needs in collaboration with you. As our customer, you will have a dedicated project manager to lead you confidently through the whole process.

Based on the project assessment we conduct with you; we prepare a brief that encompasses everything from the purpose to the budget. The brief serves as the foundation for the work ahead: once we're all in agreement, we'll proceed to design your trade fair exhibition stand.



In the design phase, we use an ideation process similar to brainstorming. Using the generated ideas, our in-house designers and architects prepare a 3D model of the finished exhibition stand for you to review before we begin production.

The whole design process involves close communication between our in-house architects and you. This is important because it allows us to meet your specific needs and implement them in the design of your exhibition stand.

After the design phase, we will provide both a 3D model of your exhibition stand and a complete specification that offers an overview of all the elements we believe the exhibition stand ought to include.



Once we've defined the exhibition stand's design, our carpenters and technicians start creating the pieces that together will form your exhibition stand.

During this phase, we check our work as we go to ensure that the solution is aligned with the brief created in the assessment phase.

We never shoot down ideas on sight. This is our talented team's motto. They're always ready for a challenge, and they have the technical know-how to see it through.

We'll keep in touch throughout the production phase to ensure the solution we produce is spot-on for the vision you have for your exhibition stand.



The next phase takes place on-site. As the name suggests, this phase takes place at the trade fair location itself, and it involves assembling and placing the exhibition stand. As part of our Full Circle Exhibition solution, we offer complete service from start to finish, so all you need to do is show up at the trade fair well-rested and ready to go.

Scanex ensures that materials are handled and delivered safely from our production facility to the show and back again. We take care of all the little details, so there's nothing for you to worry about. Everything from delivery routes to assembly considerations—and so much more—is taken care of in advance. From experience, we know that being well-prepared can save valuable time in this phase.

Then, we see to it that your exhibition stand is assembled and placed exactly as agreed. Our show technicians take care of all the details, from the power supply and wiring for lighting to water and drainage access. That way, your trade fair exhibition stand is ready to go at the start of the show.



The show is over, and you're stuck with this big exhibition stand, props, and merchandise to take care of. Now what?

Not a problem. As part of our Full Circle Exhibition solution, we can transport all of your show equipment to our storage centre. There, your equipment will be systematically and securely stored, making it easy to retrieve for your next trade fair.

We offer first-class storage for your show equipment at Scanex's storage centre. As soon as the equipment arrives after the trade fair, we assess its condition. We'll let you know about any damage that needs repairing, ensuring that your equipment is ready for use again before going into storage.

We'll be in touch throughout the process, ensuring that everything lives up to your expectations.

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